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Resources for Job Seekers

The State of Arizona provides workforce support to job seekers through a number of agencies. Assistance is primarily offered by 3 agencies: the Arizona Department of Commerce, the Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona Department of Economic Security; but there are a total 7 partners in Arizona's workforce development system that can be called upon for help.

How can Arizona support your workforce development? Are you looking for...

  • Help finding a job? Reemployment Services? Your first call should be to the One-Stop Centers. There are a number of centers across Arizona: click here to find the one closest to you. You may also want to consider using the state's free website for online job posting and job searches: The Arizona Department of Economic Security offers an Employment Service Program to connect employers and job seekers. Of course, a job fair is another useful resource when searching for open positions. Another program focuses on people that face layoffs. It is called the Rapid Reemployment Initiative and one of the goals of this program is to connect displaced employees with hiring employers.

  • Resume development assistance? Career Counseling & Skill Assessments? One-on-one support for individuals who are seeking jobs is provided at the One-Stop Centers. There are a number of centers across Arizona: click here to find the one closest to you.

  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Stimulus Opportunities? Did you know that the ARRA also known as the Stimulus Package of 2009 offers special workforce opportunities for job seekers? Visit for more information. The United States Department of Labor also provides an outline of the ARRA funds.

  • Employee Rights and Laws? Local employment laws can be found at the Industrial Commission of Arizona. There are also federal employment laws job seekers need to be aware of. These federal laws can be accessed at the United States Department of Labor.

  • Educational Opportunities? The Arizona Department of Education's Adult Education Services ensures that learners 16 years of age and older have access to quality educational opportunities. In addition, they offer Career and Technical Education Services that prepares Arizona students for workforce success and continuous learning. Another resource is the Neighborhood Networks which is offered by Housing and Urban Development. Be sure to visit the Job Corps center in Phoenix or Tucson for no-cost education and career technical training program that helps young people ages 16 through 24 improve the quality of their lives.

  • Training Programs? Surely you have heard of the Job Training Grant Program, but what about the Apprenticeship Program? Both of these programs are administered by the Arizona Department of Commerce and provide unique training opportunities. There are also a number of certified training professionals that you may want to contact. The list is on

    The Arizona Department of Economic Security also offers a number of training programs, including:
    • Adult Program - The purpose of the program is to provide core, intensive and training services to individuals age 18 and older who are at or lower than a level of self-sufficiency.
    • Dislocated Worker Program - The purpose of the program is to provide services to individuals who have been terminated or laid off, or have received notice of termination or layoff, from employment generally due to plant closures or downsizing; and who meet the dislocated worker definition of a displaced homemaker.
    • Youth Program - The program provides services to youth ages 14-21. The main thrust of the Youth Program is to increase the focus on longer-term academic and occupational learning opportunities and provide long-term comprehensive service strategies. Youth services are provided to in-school youth ages 14-21 and out-of-school youth ages 16-21. Additional resources are offered in the region you are located in. Click here to view resources by region.
    • Senior Community Service Employment Program - The program fosters useful part-time training opportunities (community service assignments) with non-profit or public/government agencies (host agencies) for unemployed low-income persons who are 55 years of age or older who have poor employment prospects. At the conclusion of training, program participants are assisted in pursuing and securing employment opportunities.
    • Veteran's Programs - The primary objective of the Veterans Program is to develop and support programs that increase opportunities for veterans to obtain employment and job training in Arizona.
    • Trade Assistance Act - The Trade Act of 1974, amended in 2002, created a program of Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) to provide re-employment services and benefits to trade-affected workers. Workers who become totally or partially separated or are threatened to become separated from employment as a direct result of increased foreign imports or a shift in production to foreign countries that are party to Free Trade Agreements with the United States, are considered primarily affected workers and may be eligible for TAA.
    • Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers - the American farmworker population is served through two main programs. The National Farmworker Jobs Program is a nationally directed program of job training and employment assistance for migrant and seasonal farmworkers (MSFWs). The National Monitor Advocate monitors and reviews the compliance of state agencies with Job Service (JS) regulations affecting MSFWs and offers technical assistance to the ETA regional offices and State agencies in carrying out JS regulations and programs.
    • Vocational Rehabilitation - The program helps people with disabilities become or remain economically independent through work.