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One-Stop Service Center Locator

One-Stop Service Centers are located within each of Arizona's Counties. To quickly locate the One-Stop within your County use the list on the left.

What assistance is available through a One-Stop Service Center?

One-Stop Centers help businesses by providing free services including; securing qualified talent through recruitment and screening, provide training to new and existing employees, and they offer layoff aversion resources and transition strategies.

What about job-seekers? One-Stop Centers provide free services including; job placement, skills assessments, job training, career counseling, resume development and more to job seekers.


Maricopa County

Comprehensive SiteComprehensive Site Affiliate SiteAffiliate Site Tribal SiteTribal Site

One-Stop Centers in Arizona are defined in the following ways:

  1. Comprehensive Center –The basic services of the above listed partner programs are available on site. This includes co-location of most staff from these programs.
  2. Affiliate Site – Most of the basic services of the required partners are available on site. Also referred to locally as Satellite Locations, these can be facilities operated by one program but with other partner staff on site. Information on all of the above listed partners programs is also available at this location.
  3. Tribal Site - Contact these sites if you have a tribal affiliation. We have listed each tribes contacts. Under the Nineteen Tribal Nations link to the left.