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Welcome to the Arizona Workforce Prospective. This is a collection of short stories and articles focused on a variety of workforce related topics effecting today’s businesses. Some of the topics of these stories include: Human Resources, Business Development, Funding, Marketing and Social Media.

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Do you have employees, coworkers, friends, or kids who do a lot of text messaging? If so, do you find puzzling abbreviations creeping into their daily communications with you?

Even if you don't "text," as text-messaging is called, you might like to know what some of this strange new language means. You've probably already seen it in a quick note someone left you, in an e-mail, or maybe on a fast-food restaurant's text sign.

The abbreviations are collectively called "shorthand." There are a lot of them, and the list is always growing. But the good news is that you can consult an online source for help. Here are a few helpful ones (be aware that texting is very casual, so you'll find a wide variety of terms here):

Now you're ready to text away. Or at least the next time someone says "TYVM," you can simply answer "YW."

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