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Welcome to the Arizona Workforce Prospective. This is a collection of short stories and articles focused on a variety of workforce related topics effecting today’s businesses. Some of the topics of these stories include: Human Resources, Business Development, Funding, Marketing and Social Media.

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Social networking has been around forever. But web-based communities like FaceBook and LinkedIn have put a modern spin on an old classic. Could your company benefit from these online tools?

Originally intended for social purposes, networking websites crept into the business world and are here to stay. Cost-free and typically easy to navigate, you can use them for a variety of purposes:

  • Promote your business online,
  • Advertise job opportunities,
  • Locate former colleagues,
  • Screen potential employees,
  • Gain introductions via mutual contacts,
  • Become a member of alumni, industry or professional groups, and
  • Research people's professional backgrounds before important meetings,

To join a virtual community, you start by creating an account and establishing an online identity (i.e. your profile). Next you can search the site and ask other users to link to your profile, invite new people to join the network, and even block unwanted connections. Some sites are organized by common aspects (city, workplace) while others hook profiles together like an out-of-control tinker toy. (Click here to see a list of networking sites.)

But, as usual, all that glitters is not gold. No matter which site you use, remember that any content you add (either directly or via connections) may live on. Once information is released to the public domain, it's hard to take back.

To learn more about social networking, visit these links:

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